Our Beer

Approachable beer for everyone.

When it comes to the beer, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. With a line of specialized craft products such as Killick, Sea Glass, and Queen Bee, plus some seasonal one-offs, we’ve proven we can go toe-to-toe with the best when it comes to brewing classic beer styles.

We also wanted to offer an affordable, well-crafted, easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beers, enter Toller quality crafted lagers.

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  • Sea Glass

    North East IPA
    Hazy with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel, Sea Glass is a massively dry-hopped North East IPA. Bursting with juicy, tropical hop character with minimal bitterness, this one is an absolute treasure.
    7.0% - 30 IBU
  • Queen Bee

    Honey Brown Lager
    A remarkably unique brown lager brewed with Nova Scotian honey. Deceptively light-bodied and smooth for a dark beer, it is the pinnacle of drinkability. Expect notes of chocolate and sweetened coffee finishing with rich flavour of honeycomb.
    4.8% - 25 IBU
  • Killick

    Premium Lager
    Clean, crisp and refreshing. Like the Euro-lagers that inspired it, Killick is a craft lager for everyone who wants their beer to taste like beer.
    4.7% - 16 IBU
  • Goldilocks

    Nitro Oatmeal Stout
    Goldilocks NITRO Oatmeal Stout will taste JUST RIGHT thanks to co-packaging with our pals at Craft Coast Canning who dosed this dark, smokey oatmeal stout with nitrogen just before the can was sealed.  The result is a robust stout with thick, lush mouthfeel and a silky texture that really enhances the flavours of cocoa, vanilla and espresso.
    4.8% - 25 IBU
  • Soundtrack

    Peach & Apricot Sour
    Good vibes only from this fruited kettle sour fermented on peach and apricot puree.  Tropical fruit and pleasant acidity from the lactobacillus harmonize with the sweet and tart flavours of the stone fruits forming a near perfect balance and clean finish. 
    5.0% - 10 IBU
  • Toller Red

    Roasted malts impart a light, fruity nose, bright red colour and a touch of caramel sweetness to this refreshing, clear and crisp lager. Full flavoured, yet thirst quenching and light on the palette.
    5.0% - 19 IBU
  • Toller Gold

    A refreshing, crystal-clear and straw coloured lager with aromas of corn, barley and cereal grains. Lightly sweet malt flavours and just a hint of crisping hop character and a dry, thirst quenching finish.
    5.0% - 12 IBU
  • Toller Lite

    Straw-coloured, light and crystal-clear. Light on the palate, with mild malt aroma and delicate flavour of barley and cereal grains. Highly attenuated, with a dry, thirst-quenching finish.
    4.0% - 8 IBU
    3g Carbs – 90 calories per 355ml can
  • Toller Lager

    A loyal companion, Toller provides an easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beer.  Straw in colour with a crystal-clear body, this refreshing lager has aromas of barley and cereal grains with light tastes of malt flavours and a balanced, thirst-quenching finish.
    5.0% - 10 IBU