Approachable Beer for Everyone.

When it comes to the beer, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. With a line of specialized craft products such as KillickSea Glass, and Queen Bee, plus some seasonal one-offs, we’ve proven we can go toe-to-toe with the best when it comes to brewing classic beer styles. We also wanted to offer an affordable, well-crafted, easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beers, enter Toller Quality Crafted Lagers.

  • Sea Glass

    North East IPA
    Hazy with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel, Sea Glass is a massively dry-hopped North East IPA. Bursting with juicy, tropical hop character with minimal bitterness, this one is an absolute treasure.
    7.0% - 30 IBU
    Artwork by Justin Lee @marmaladeadvertising
  • Queen Bee

    Honey Brown Lager
    A remarkably unique brown lager brewed with Nova Scotian honey. Deceptively light-bodied and smooth for a dark beer, it is the pinnacle of drinkability. Expect notes of chocolate and sweetened coffee finishing with rich flavour of honeycomb.
    4.8% - 25 IBU
    Artwork by Justin Lee @marmaladeadvertising
  • Killick

    Premium Lager
    Clean, crisp and refreshing. Like the Euro-lagers that inspired it, Killick is a craft lager for everyone who wants their beer to taste like beer.
    4.7% - 16 IBU
    Label by Trampoline Branding @trampolinebrand
  • The Brew Lab

    Hazy Pale Ale #1.2
    This beer comes from the lessons learned while perfecting our NEIPA and turns it down, into a weekday sipper.
    4.5% - 35 IBU
    Artwork by Alysha Allen @alysharaylenedesign
  • The Brew Lab

    Czech Pilsner #1
    Czech Pilsner version 1.0 incorporates qualities of Czech techniques and ingredients, brewed using a single decoction method with Czech grown and malted barley.
    4.6% - 30 IBU
    Artwork by Alysha Allen @alysharaylenedesign
  • Athena

    Pink Guava IPA
    Bursting with notes of guava, mango, and stone-fruit, ‘Athena’ is hazy, bright, and enticingly bitter. This NEIPA features a generous dry-hopping of New Zealand hops Rakau and Wai-iti, which work to accent the fresh pink guava puree and tropical punch aromatics.
    6.0% - 40 IBU
    Artwork by Kristi White @thatsadgirlart
  • Toller Red

    Roasted malts impart a light, fruity nose, bright red colour and a touch of caramel sweetness to this refreshing, clear and crisp lager. Full flavoured, yet thirst quenching and light on the palette.
    5.0% - 19 IBU
  • Toller Gold

    A refreshing, crystal-clear and straw coloured lager with aromas of corn, barley and cereal grains. Lightly sweet malt flavours and just a hint of crisping hop character and a dry, thirst quenching finish.
    5.0% - 12 IBU
  • Toller Lite

    Straw-coloured, light and crystal-clear. Light on the palate, with mild malt aroma and delicate flavour of barley and cereal grains. Highly attenuated, with a dry, thirst-quenching finish.
    4.0% - 8 IBU
    3g Carbs – 90 calories per 355ml can
  • Toller Lager

    A loyal companion, Toller provides an easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beer.  Straw in colour with a crystal-clear body, this refreshing lager has aromas of barley and cereal grains with light tastes of malt flavours and a balanced, thirst-quenching finish.
    5.0% - 10 IBU