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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Halifax – Dartmouth is proud to partner with their local, neighbourhood craft brewery.

We are only a 3 minute drive away, at 21 Frazee Avenue.

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Get to Know Toller


We wanted to offer an affordable, well-crafted, easy-drinking alternative to mainstream beers. Enter the Toller line, which does just that—nipping at the heels of the big boys since it was unleashed in 2018 and bounded into the NSLC in 2020.

Look for Toller Gold in the VIP Lounge

A refreshing, crystal-clear and straw coloured lager with aromas of corn, barley and cereal grains. Lightly sweet malt flavours and just a hint of crisping hop character and a dry, thirst quenching finish.

5% ABV | 12 IBU

Get to Know Our Beer


When it came to choosing a location for our brewery and first taproom, we opted for the Burnside Industrial Park – a less-than-trendy spot that reflects our values. Rather than chasing trends, we prioritize brewing high-quality, accessible beer that our customers love.

  • Killick

    Premium Lager
    Clean, crisp and refreshing. Like the Euro-lagers that inspired it, Killick is a craft lager for everyone who wants their beer to taste like beer.
    4.7% - 16 IBU
  • Queen Bee

    Honey Brown Lager
    A remarkably unique brown lager brewed with Nova Scotian honey. Deceptively light-bodied and smooth for a dark beer, it is the pinnacle of drinkability. Expect notes of chocolate and sweetened coffee finishing with rich flavour of honeycomb.
    4.8% - 25 IBU
  • Sea Glass

    North East IPA
    Hazy with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel, Sea Glass is a massively dry-hopped North East IPA. Bursting with juicy, tropical hop character with minimal bitterness, this one is an absolute treasure.
    7.0% - 30 IBU